VIP Group Tours

When it comes to culture and sophistication, Europe sets the standard for the world. From the nobility of London's Westminster Abbey, to the mystery of Venice's canals, to the soaring elegance of Paris's Eiffel Tower, Europe is packed with amazing places to see and things to do. Where else can you explore ancient ruins, gaze at a masterpiece by Michelangelo, and shop for cutting-edge fashions, all in a single morning? Come dinner time, there are more great experiences in store, whether you're sampling Spanish tapas or indulging in French haute cuisine. And when you're ready to get away from it all, you can do it in style with an escape to the Greek islands or the beaches of the Riviera.

What makes us different? Each and every one of our unique tours is customized to meet each group and VIP's individual needs and requirements. We take great pride in the amount of time and research that goes into the planning of our tour itineraries. We naturally take you to the most famous and important cities, but we also plan our itineraries to allow you time to visit points of interest along the way.

We want your group or VIP clients to relax and enjoy their tour, so dedication is given to our specific and arranged in such an order you get the best out of the group tours and simulated activities.

Group Tours and VIP Client Destinations

  • Eastern Europe Tours: Slovak, Romania, Serbia, and Poland.Russia
  • Western Europe: Portugal, Switzerland
  • South America: Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico.