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Who is suited to go on a group a tour?

Almost anyone can go on a group tour these days. In the past, the groups tended to be very young as the majority of travellers to Africa were backpackers. As Africa has become a progressively more mainstream destination (i.e. Africa today is far more accessible than 15 years ago) our guests have also changed. 15 years ago the average age of our travellers was around 23-27 years old and now we have anyone from 8 – 80 years of age. Use this opportunity to slip out of your comfort zone and learn about the people on your tour with you – there are so few opportunities in life that we have to do this, take advantage of it!

The average ages of our campers are approximately 20 – 45 and our accommodated guests is more variable between 35 – 60 years of age. However, these indications are very general as each and every tour is different and campers and accommodated guests travel together. When the University semesters end we do get younger travellers making up the majority of certain tours. Outside of traditional holiday periods the age groups can be very diverse. Part of experiencing the tour is about meeting new people and what we can confirm is that 99% of our travellers find that they get along very well. This is because the people that book an adventure holiday in Africa have similar values and interests.

All of our group tours, except the Cape to Victoria Falls camping tour, have a maximum of 18 guests. Our small groups have a maximum of 12 guests. We have a large range of African nationalities on our tours but about 50% of our travellers come from English speaking countries within the African Continent and the other 50% come from Europe and Asia. Because of history there are a high percentage of Dutch and German travellers to Africa who are quite specific to experience our South African group tours; we also get people from the Nordic countries and Asia. Although there are often couples and groups of friends who have booked together, many travellers are single and the male / female ratio generally evens out. The nature of group tour tends to attract individuals within a certain age category and from our experience this has shown us that group tours are best suited for the majority of travellers between the 18 to 60 age brackets.

The East Africa group tours requires a hardier and more intrepid attitude to touring and is suited to the younger traveller and if you are planning on trekking with the Mountain Gorillas or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you are welcome to join us on a wonderful African adventure.