Nanyuki Town Tour

Nanyuki Airstrip

It’s the only air charter company based in Northern Kenya. There are chartered flights offered to various parts of the country at affordable rates. The airstrip is busy with tropic Air offering services such as wildlife conservation, Air Safaris, Geo Survey, search and rescue, aerial filming and photography. Barney’s Bar and restaurant located at the airstrip, offers quick bites for people at affordable rates.


Benedictine Monastery

This monastery is unique as it’s known for having bible messages all over its grounds. Located in Nanyuki, it was originally a colonial farm before it was donated to Benedictine missionaries in 1979. The monastery has been designed in Catholic’s ‘way of the Cross’ that enables pilgrims to meditate as they walk through a trail that leads deeper into the forest. A Ugandan Priest known as Raymund Sssentongo created multiple “African bible huts” capturing a biblical theme which transforms the monastery into a ‘Bible Village.” There are also tablets of stone and pillars with bible verses written on them; as you walk through the forested trail. This gives a good place for visitors and tourists to meditate.