About Us

Africa is alive and waiting for you to discover her magic so come and explore with us. Forever changing, shifting and reinventing herself, Africa continues to inspire, impress and amaze travellers. If you dream of having an authentic African adventure, Be it Group tours, Camping Tours or Just looking for that genuine African Thrill and adventure, We are here to help you achieve it though the best way possible. We organize and plan everything for you, leaving you free to relax and really enjoy your African experience.

Our group tours and camping tours places an emphasis on the Journey as well as the Destinations. The desire to experience something new, stunning or breathe taking is what we offer. The group tour is a journey along a suggested route, which is aimed at the more adventurous and budget conscious traveller. It is an adventure and many of the areas that we visit would be tailored to your group specifications and customized to fit your requirements to the best of our ability.
The group tour and camping exposes you to the beauty Africa as a destination has to offer, Holiday packages such as fly In packages , group camping, safari packages can be exhilarating and is different from the regular packaged holiday tours. We do not intend to limit your experience by providing transport and accommodation only but also an adventure tour which aims to provide a more inclusive experience. We include cultural interaction, game viewing, social interaction and the opportunity to book more adrenaline based experiences such as white water rafting, skydiving, and walking with lions, Giraffes, and the Wildlife Africa Has to offer.

Our belief is that it’s not about the arrival at a destination, but the total experience of the Group tour that is important. We travel together, eat together, learn from each other’s cultures and form a strong, supportive team. For a successful expedition, all we need is space under the stars and your willingness to join in and expect the unexpected!

A typical day on a group tour starts when the sun comes up – we live by nature’s timetable and use as many daylight hours as possible. If you are camping, tents are set up by nightfall in most cases, kettles are boiled, the smell of cooking is in the air and we sit around the camp, enjoying one another’s company and chatting about Africa. For those on the accommodated tours, the only difference is that you sleep in a bed. Every single trip is different and highly customized to your desires – we like it that way!